A chamber must have a foundation of strong committees to build on and develop a coherent and cohesive message. Following are a list of committees that members and community members alike can join:

Agriculture | AG Committee

A link to the agricultural community showing the Chamber's support of agriculture as an important business segment. 

Volunteers from the Chamber Membership that act as the Chamber's goodwill arm and serve to promote member commitment and retention by helping keep close contact with our members throughout the year. Ambassadors are admired and recognized for their commitment to the Chamber! This group meets once a month on every fourth Tuesday from 9-10 am. Danielle Alexander is the Chair of this committee. 

Business Education

Develop programming that most specifically addresses the needs of our member's businesses. The BizEd Committee develops the BOCOTALKS programming. This program is offered four times a year. 


A meeting convened by Chair to create amendment compilations submitted for approval and additions. A thorough review of the Chamber's by-laws will occur on an annual basis at minimum. 

Chamber Foundation

The philanthropic side of the Botetourt Chamber that is used to support our mission and various Chamber endeavors.

Engagement and Membership

Focuses on improvement in the Chamber through engaging the Board, Chamber membership, and the community through social media groups and exposure. Additionally, this committee will provide links to regional happenings and develop programs for Women owned business, small businesses, and minority owned businesses.


Works with the Chamber and the Board on the development and staffing of our Signature Events with the intention of generating revenue for the Chamber and offering increased value to our membership. It also works to support networking through events coordinated by the Chamber including our Coffee Connections, Lunch and Learns, and Cocktail Connection events. There will be subcommittees for specific Signature Events such as the Tinsel Trail or Golf Tournament. Allison Bancroft is the contact for the Events Committee.

Finance Committee

Maintains oversight and promotion of financial responsibility for the Botetourt Chamber. Sandra Craft is the contact for the Finance Committee.


Identify and review pool of local High School applicants that desire and require assistance to pursue advancement in their education. Be an extension of tiered sponsorship growth - a portion of any sponsorship can be charitably contributed to the Scholarship Program. Continue to grow the applicant pool by canvassing for donations.

Strategic Development

Work with the Botetourt Chamber's Executive Director on strategies that will ensure success of the Botetourt County Chamber and fulfillment of its mission and responsibility to the community. Examples include ensuring we have access to legal advice through dedicated counsel, driving sponsorship, necessary restructuring, use of innovative technology, relationship building and advocacy initiatives, and a financial plan for investments and savings. 

Workforce Development

Use the strategy of strategic partnerships and alliances to develop and build on current relationships to increase a viable workforce in the community. Assist in facilitating development of needed skillsets for our area and its companies. Create relationships with developers, local government, educational institutions, corporations, and provide incentives for businesses coming into the area.

Young Professionals

MEET: To create opportunities for YPs to meet other like-minded individuals, and form relationships within our community
NETWORK: To create a space for YPs to expand their business network through connections with other professionals and companies
GROW: To improve our own skill sets and receive professional development training
GIVE: To give back to our community through service projects

The Young Professionals meet monthly and network often. Brittany Bostic is the contact for the Young Professionals. Please follow them on Facebook to be updated on all their activities. Brittany Bostic is the contact for the Young Professionals.