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The BOCOTALKS series this month is presented by Robert Turcotte, Senior Systems Consultant at Entre Computer Center. Mr. Turcotte will discuss the future of AI. ChatGPT Natural Language Processing burst on the scene in late 2022. Join us to explore how Artificial Intelligence will transform our daily lives through the seamless integration of human language, artificial language, and computer science. 

Panel discussion of Broadband and Botetourt - What does the future hold? Presented by Scott Crawford, Ken McFadyen, Maiya Ashby, and Jeff Ahearn | 3/21/23.

Workforce Retention by Mike Leigh, CEO, OpX Solutions | 3/24/22

Innovation and Continuous Improvement presented by Scott Crawford, President and CEO, VA811 | 6/23/22


How to Apply Soft Skills to New Emerging Business Models presented by Regina Cook, Administrative Officer for Training Solutions at Virginia Western Community College, School of Career & Corporate Training, Virginia Western Community College | 8/11/22 

Finding Meaning For The Method. What is the Why and Where is the passion presented by JD Sutphin, Owner, Creative Director-CEO, Big Lick Entertainment | 11/3/22