!!!PIG NEWS!!!

We have been diligent in keeping our restaurant sanitized and protected for the safety of our staff and the public. Unfortunately, despite all our efforts an employee has tested positive due to travel out of state. The employee worked for one shift last week; the employee was wearing proper PPE and had not been back to work as soon as we learned of possible exposure. We have been in contact with the Virginia Department of Health. From the information we provided them, they said we had taken the necessary proactive measures. The VDH advised us that we could stay open, however upon discussion among management we have decided to err on the side of caution to protect our employees and the public and we will be closing at 3pm today, Monday June 22nd, until further notice. We will have the restaurant professionally cleaned and will make a decision regarding when to reopen in the near future. Again, the Department of Health advised we were clear to remain open but out of abundance of caution we have decided to close temporarily. We appreciate the support of the community and will continue to give updates going forward.

Thank you,
Pig Management