AIRPORT GUIDELINES: Roanoke-Blacksburg says come with keys/wallet/phone in carry-on bags during security check to reduce virus risk; they will be avoiding bin shared use.

The Airport Commission says the following procedures were carried out at the facility:

The airport, at this time, is remaining open.

1. Hand sanitizers strategically dispersed, with more already ordered
2. Custodial staff has ramped up efforts in high-traffic areas
3. Public equipment like self-check-in-kiosks disinfected throughout the day
4. TSA has told ROA that passengers should wash/sanitize hands before and after the security checkpoints and leave wallets, phones and keys in carry-on bags to avoid the bins being shared.
5. CDC best practices have been posted in all restrooms and high-traffic areas
6. All airport stakeholders received an email outlining guidelines for cleaning public areas