Young Professional Group

The Botetourt Young Professionals Organization is for anyone who works, lives, or wants to get connected in Botetourt County. One of the main goals of the Botetourt Young Professionals is to partner with the Chamber and Xperience YP’s to help to give back to our community through service.

The Botetourt Young Professionals welcome anyone of any age, or educational background to join as we are focused on helping others achieve their goals. Through our partnership with the Chamber, the YP’s are able to meet, network and make connections with many of the region’s top businesses.

Botetourt County is rapidly changing from a rural, agricultural community, to a hub of industry and technology. Maybe you went to college in the region and have moved away. Maybe you have family here and you’re thinking of moving back. Or maybe you’re a young professional already in the region wondering if this is the right place for you. We want to help you see Botetourt in a new light – a place to meet like-minded leaders, empower your career success, pursue your dreams, raise a family, and explore the outdoors. In other words, a place with the perfect work-life balance.