Good afternoon, CBEC hopes everyone is staying cool in this heatwave! A quick update on our broadband project! We are hopeful to have the first two miles of fiber installed by the end of this week. Our major shipment of fiber is expected to be delivered today, many many weeks late, but that was out of our hands. We have all of the data center materials in and scheduled to be installed. We hope to have additional crews starting on the 27th of this month and they have committed to installing 40,000 to 50,000 feet of placement per week. We know that this project has gone beyond the original completion date, it has been a very difficult project to manage in the wake of the pandemic. It literally has affected every facet of our project. We ask for patience and understanding as our staff works diligently to bring resolution to the obstacles we face daily, to keep progressing as quickly as possible, we want this project complete too!! Our pre-registration website is in its testing phase, if all goes well it will launch by the end of next week. Pre-registering gives us the needed information to see how quickly we can get the most services turned up. CBEC would like to thank our membership for their patience and kind words, you keep us going through all of this!
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